Katrina Jail Lawsuit: Jury Awards Tourists $650K

June 25, 2012

A federal jury on Thursday awarded more than $650,000 to two Ohio tourists who were arrested in New Orleans on public drunkenness charges two days before Hurricane Katrina and jailed for more than a month in the storm's chaotic aftermath.

The jury unanimously concluded that Orleans Parish Sheriff Marlin Gusman falsely imprisoned Robie Waganfeald and Paul Kunkel Jr., both of Toledo, Ohio, and awarded them a total of $459,300 for those claims.  The jury awarded an additional $200,000 for violating the men’s constitutional rights  More information

We are currently are seeking individuals, who have been sued in a California Court by a debt collection company using the name of Midland Credit Management, Midland Funding or Midland Receivables during the approximate period from July 2, 2007 until March, 2009.  Read more...

We are currently litigating in Fremont against the owner of B&W Welding Inc. for faulty and defective construction that does not meet the standards of the Ohio Building Code. Dave Michaels used, his company, B & W Welding to weld pillars and beams resulting in violations of Ohio law. We represent the homeowner in a case against Dave Michaels for his defective construction.  Plaintiff is concerned that the defects make the home unsafe.  Plaintiff is concerned that the defective beam may collapse the roof of the foundation causing injury.  

Murray and Murray recovered favorable compensation for a teenage boy who suffered a compartment fracture in his right forearm while playing on an inflatable amusement ride. Murray and Murray argued on behalf of the client that the ride operator and owner failed to properly instruct participants on how to properly use the inflatable.

A jury recently awarded Murray and Murray's client approximately ten times what the defendant's insurance company offered prior to the start of trial. The injured party hurt his knee in an automobile accident caused by the defendant. The defendant attempted to argue that the plaintiff's on going pain and disability was a result of arthritis and not the car accident. The jury disagreed. Murray and Murray is pursuing prejudgment interest against the insurance company for their failure to negotiate the case in good faith.

Murray and Murray successfully recovered compensation for employees who claimed they were discriminated against based on race. The plaintiff employees were forced to consistently perform menial tasks that their white counterparts with equal job status were not required to perform on a regular basis. Murray and Murray was able to use the employer's manufacturing records to substantiate the claim and resolve the case to the satisfaction of the employee clients.

We successfully litigated a claim on behalf of a client for breach of contract. The client had contracted to purchase a lawn care business from the defendant. The defendant attempted to renege on the contract after our client had spent a substantial sum of money and energy improving the business. The jury award of $376,000.00 was the exact amount we requested for compensation in closing argument.

We successfully negotiated a wrongful death settlement for the family of a farmer who was killed when his tractor was struck by the defendant's semi-truck. The defendant truck driver stated that the farmer pulled out in front of his semi-truck. We used an accident Reconstructionist to demonstrate that the truck driver's story was untruthful. We also uncovered the fact the truck driver's logs indicated he was not in compliance with regulations dictating how long a trucker can operate his tractor-trailer during any given time period.

On behalf of two badly injured clients Murray and Murray recovered substantial compensation from a tavern for serving a noticeably intoxicated patron who caused a serious car accident on his way home from the bar. We filed what is known as a dram shop action on behalf of the injured parties to recover from the liquor establishment. One of the plaintiffs suffered partial paralysis as a result of the accident. The bar patron who caused the accident had a blood alcohol level over three times the limit permitted in the state of Ohio.

Murray and Murray recovered favorable compensation for two individuals injured when the boat on which they were passengers struck the Cedar point break wall.

Murray and Murray successfully resolved a Long Shoreman's case on behalf of a worker who suffered a shoulder dislocation and rotator cuff tear when he fell at the Sandusky Coal Docks.

We recently recovered substantial compensation for a tug boat captain who was injured when he fell from an elevated pilot house. Murray and Murray filed a Jones Act case against the captain's employer alleging that the pilot house was deficient due to its lack of safety devices.

Murray and Murray recovered considerable compensation for a railroad employee who suffered a closed head injury and multiple fractures. The railroad employee was injured while riding in a company van from a job site to the rail yard. We filed a Federal Employers Liability Act (FELA) case against the railroad who claimed they were not liable because the employee was not engaged in an "operational activity" at the time of the accident. We successfully litigated the "operational activity" issue in the United States District Court.

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