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Discrimination, Wage & Hour Violations, Whistleblower Complaints, Physical Workplace Injuries

Employment law governs the relationship between workers and employees.  These laws are designed to make sure that workers are kept safe and treated fairly. 

Discrimination & FMLA Violations

If you suffered discrimination in your workplace due to your race, gender, age, military status, religion, perhaps including pregnancy, or a disability, your civil rights have been violated.  Employment laws protect employees against discrimination in the workplace.   However, the time is short to report such discriminatory conduct.  Contact us at (800) 624-3009 for a free and confidential consultation about your claim.

Wage & Hour Violations

Perhaps you are required to report to work early on a daily basis, but you are not paid for the extra time.  Perhaps you are regularly called to work during your unpaid lunch break.  Perhaps you work more than 8 hours a day and are not paid overtime.  If your job requires you to regularly work without compensation for your time and effort, you are not being treated fairly and may be entitled to compensation.  Employment laws such as the Fair Labor and Standards Act (FLSA) impose standards that employers must follow regarding minimum-wage and overtime pay.


Perhaps you reported your employer to the proper authority for violating safety standards or breaking a law.  If you have since been fired, demoted or your job has been otherwise adversely affected contact one of the attorneys at Murray & Murray today.  Laws exist to protect you and your job from retaliation by your employer.

Injured at Work

Murray & Murray represents clients who have been harmed by their employers, physically and/or financially through no fault of their own. 


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