Ohio Environmental Contamination Attorneys

At the law office of Murray & Murray, located in Sandusky, Ohio, we represent clients in individual as well as class action suits related to environmental issues. We understand that contaminants in the soil, water, and air can not only destroy your livelihood and property, but also adversely affect your health.  

If exposure to toxic materials has negatively affected your physical or economic well-being, contact one of our environmental law attorneys today for a free consultation.

Land Contamination

Perhaps farming has been a part of your family's life, just as the practice of law has been ours. You continue to work the land your family has owned for generations, and take pride in the fact that you are able to produce a harvest that not only benefits you economically, but also provides crops to individuals or businesses all over the country.  Then a truck tips on the highway or train derails next to your fields, leaking oil or some other liquid product into your soil and rendering it unusable.  Let our team of attorneys give you the legal support you need to get the compensation you deserve.

Water Contamination

If the lakes, ponds, or rivers in your community have become so contaminated by effluence and run off from a local factory or business that they no longer provide a viable habitat for the surrounding plants and animals, or if a once idyllic boating or swimming spot has become slowly polluted over a number of years, you need the help of attorneys who understand environmental laws and will work to ensure that your community's water spots are kept in a natural state.  Moreover, the attorneys at the law office of Murray & Murray can help in cases where drinking water has been contaminated.

Our Ohio environmental law attorneys are skilled negotiators and trial lawyers with the experience needed to protect your interests in negotiations, arbitration, and mediation, as well as in state and federal courts.

For more information on one of these or another practice area, our firm, our lawyers, or to schedule a free initial consultation with a member of our family of attorneys, contact the environmental lawyers at Murray & Murray at (419) 624-3000.


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