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The Mediation Process

Mediation offers a cooperative and collaborative method of problem solving that allows the parties involved to explore different solutions—often ones that are less stressful and more beneficial than those handed down in a courtroom.

While mediation is becoming more and more prevalent as a form of conflict resolution, most people don’t have a clear understanding of what to expect in regards to either the process or the outcome.

Why Mediation Might Be Your Best Option

There is a perception today that most people are more than willing to take another party to court over even the smallest of conflicts—yet, the time, expense and possibility of an unfavorable ruling paints a different reality.

Some of the advantages of mediation over traditional litigation:

Less Time – Mediation can take a fraction of the time to reach resolution compared to traditional lawsuits—often just a matter of days, rather than months or even years.

Less Expensive – A single mediator costs significantly less when compared to the entourage of lawyers and courtroom personnel involved with the average court case.

Less Structured – Mediation does not carry the formalities of the court, allowing for greater flexibility and control when it comes to proposed resolutions.

More Private – While courtroom proceedings that are documented and open to the public, the mediation process is a confidential matter involving only the two parties and a neutral mediator.

Better Results – Most parties that participate in mediation are satisfied with the final outcome. Unlike a lawsuit, there’s no winner or loser—just a mutually agreed upon resolution. 

How Murray and Murray Can Help

Unlike other forms of alternative dispute resolution (ADR), mediation involves a third-party mediator who is experienced in negotiations and acts as a neutral facilitator between the two parties. Additionally, both parties often look to the mediator for guidance in regards to the strength and weaknesses of their positions as well as recommendations toward a mutually beneficial solution.

Thus, it is always important to utilize a mediator who is experienced not only in dispute resolution, but also in the specific area of law in question. At Murray & Murray, a number of our attorneys are accomplished in all aspects of mediation and would be glad to help resolve your case.

Our attorneys who are experienced in all forms of mediation:

Dennis E. Murray, Jr.
Charles M. Murray
Florence J. Murray

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