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Maritime workers and seamen are eligible to receive benefits under the terms of the Jones Act for injuries that result while working in service to a vessel in navigable waters. The Jones Act also covers injuries caused by employer or ship owner negligence that occur inland or at sea. Too often, however, employers mislead injured maritime workers about the benefits available to them or try and persuade them to file an Ohio workers' compensation claim rather than being able to recover for everything, including pain and suffering. Since the Jones Act covers injuries caused by an employer's negligence, it allows seamen and maritime workers to recover damages beyond the cost of initial medical care and lost wages. At the law office of Murray & Murray, we inform clients of their rights under the Jones Act while taking steps to protect their jobs and prevent employers from intimidating them into returning to work before they are ready.

Don't accept what your employer's human resource representative or ship's captain has to say about the benefits available to you. Injured seamen and maritime workers are entitled to receive the following benefits under the Jones Act, regardless of whether an employer is at fault or not:

  • Maintenance: A daily allowance in equal value to what it would have cost to pay for an employee's food and shelter on board a ship had they not been injured.
  • Cure: Employers are required to pay for an injured maritime worker's or seaman's medical expenses until such time as they are deemed to have recovered to a maximum state of health. These costs include initial medical treatment, hospitalization, physical therapy, and prescription drug expenses.

Contact one of our maritime injury attorneys at Murray & Murray Co., L.P.A. today for a free consultation.  We will evaluate your case and help you take legal action to recover expenses for medical treatment, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

Seaworthiness of a Vessel

In cases where conditions on board a vessel are unnecessarily hazardous, violate safety standards, or involve improperly trained crew members, a ship can be considered unseaworthy. "Unseaworthy" does not mean the ship cannot sail; rather, it is a general notion intended to refer to an employer’s or ship owner's negligence in creating conditions that cause or lead to injuries of employees.  If your injuries involved negligence on the part of your employer, you can recover damages for future medical treatments, lost earnings, and disability in addition to maintenance and cure.

Choosing a Doctor -- Your Company Can't Tell You Who to See

It is not uncommon for some companies to try and control what hospital or doctor their injured employees see for medical treatment.  In some instances, an employer may tell you a company nurse has to accompany you on your exam.  When this happens, it is often because a company wants to minimize its financial liability and losses by controlling who you see or twisting information related to your diagnosis.  However, there is nothing in the Jones Act that requires injured workers to see company appointed healthcare providers or be accompanied by a company nurse.

Our attorneys make sure you are seen and treated by doctors and health care providers of your own choosing.  We remind employers of HIPAA requirements, preventing them from sending a nurse with you to your doctor’s visit.  Our attorneys are also ready to review any documents or statements that your company asks you to sign to ensure you do not sign away your rights or endorse a statement that is inaccurate concerning the cause and nature of your injuries.

Our Jones Act and maritime attorneys understand the complicated nature of maritime law.  We are prepared with medical experts and investigators to challenge the claims of your employer when they aren't willing to honor their responsibilities.  To schedule a free appointment to discuss your case, contact Murray & Murray today at (800) 624-3009.


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