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Giving a Voice to Abused Elders

After entrusting a nursing home, assisted living facility, or another form of group housing with the day-to-day care of your elderly loved one, you should be able to expect them to take their duty seriously and responsibly. The same is true if you hire a caretaker to visit your elderly loved one each day or on a regular schedule. What are you to do if you suspect those same people assigned to care for your loved one are actually abusing them?

Come to Murray & Murray in Sandusky for all the legal assistance you need to file and pursue a nursing home abuse claim. It is our main objective to protect the wellbeing of your elder through legal intervention while also demanding fair compensation for what happened. The damages you can receive through a successful claim may help you feel a sense of closure in addition to protecting your finances.

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Call the Authorities for Emergencies

Please remember to call the proper authorities if you suspect your elderly loved one is in immediate danger of physical harm carried out by a caretaker or another nursing home resident. The abuse may constitute a criminal situation requiring the police, who can place the caretaker under arrest if necessary. Afterward, contact our firm to discuss what to do next to get your case moving.

Warning Signs You Need to Know

Speaking up to report nursing home abuse can be difficult for an elder if not impossible. In many cases, an elder does not have the mental faculties to accurately report what happened or even remember it shortly after the incident. In other cases, an elder may be too scared to say something because they are worried the abuse will only worsen. As such, you need to know the warning signs of elder abuse so you can identify them and take action on their behalf.

Common signs of nursing home abuse and neglect include:

  • Malnutrition, dehydration, and frailty
  • Bedsores
  • Unexplained bruises or scrapes
  • Soiled clothes and unclean living conditions
  • Fear around a particular person
  • Unusual spending habits

Ready to Take Legal Action When You Are

There is nothing we are more passionate about at Murray & Murray than doing the right thing for good people. If you and your elderly loved one need to seek justice and compensation for nursing home abuse that must come to an end, then we want to be the legal team that supports and guides you. No matter how difficult the opposition acts, we will be ready for anything, including litigation that might even change Ohio’s laws regarding nursing home care.

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Our Victories 

Breaking the Boundaries of Law for Our Clients
  • Bad Faith Insurance $34 Million

    Murray & Murray won a class action that resulted in more than they originally sought for their client.

  • Toxic Torts and Environmental Pollution $30 Million

    Murray & Murray completed an environmental litigation case on behalf of a class that started in 1983.

  • Serious Personal Injury $17.75 Million

    Murray & Murray recovered in Oklahoma City on a jury verdict in the Federal District Court.

What Nursing Home Abuse Looks Like

Nursing home abuse and neglect take many forms. Whether the harm caused is physical or otherwise, the lasting damage can still be severe – and it is always inexcusable. Our Sandusky nursing home abuse lawyers can provide legal representation for a variety of case types. We focus primarily on high stakes cases that may require litigation top conclude fairly.

Forms of nursing home abuse include:

  • Physical: Aggressive caretakers or residents may inflict physical harm to elderly residents who do not have the physical ability or mental wherewithal to defend themselves. In cases of intentional physical abuse, immediate law enforcement intervention may be necessary.
  • Sexual: There are also unthinkable cases in which a nursing home staff member takes advantage of an elder’s frail state to sexually assault them. Elders with dementia and few ways to communicate are most frequently targeted by such sexual predators.
  • Emotional: An elder’s mental health can be jeopardized by frequent emotional abuse, such as bullying, insults, and shaming. Nursing homes that allow caretakers to rob elders of their dignity should be met with lawsuits to set things right.
  • Financial: Many elders have difficulty keeping track of their finances, especially while staying in an assisted living center. Thieves may steal directly from their wallets and purses or coerce them into lending their credit cards for unrelated purchases. Financial abuse is often carried out by visiting family members who have information about their elder’s financial accounts.
  • Neglect: Some of the worst harm to an elder in a nursing home can be caused by inadvertent neglect. When proper, routine care is not given to an elder, they may suffer from dehydration, bedsores, depression, and more.
Experienced Legal Advocates

Our team works hard to ensure our clients get more than they expect and all that they deserve. We will fight for an optimal outcome for your case, even if that means challenging legal boundaries and caselaw.

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