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After a severe or catastrophic injury, a survivor and their family can be overwhelmed by the vast quantity of new unknowns. Medical expenses, rehabilitation challenges, loss of income, and newly acquired disabilities all pose serious and complicated questions, none with a clear answer. Rather than trying to go through such a disorienting situation on your own, rely on the skilled, experienced, and compassionate Sandusky severe injury lawyers of Murray & Murray.

Since our doors were first opened in 1931, we have been helping people throughout the region get compensation and a sense of closure and justice after suffering a catastrophic, life-changing injury at no fault of their own. While we are certainly focused on taking down the opposition by securing a positive settlement or jury verdict, we are also fully aware of how difficult it is to face the new hardships caused by a catastrophic injury. That is why we take each case one step at a time and work closely with our clients, so they never feel rushed during such a trying time.

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Types of Catastrophic Injury Claims

A personal injury is considered catastrophic if it causes immediate and/or lasting disability, or if it is never expected to fully heal. Any sort of violent accident can cause a catastrophic injury, like a car accident or a truck accident. No matter what type of accident you were in and regardless of the type of catastrophic or severe injury you suffer, know that Murray & Murray can help you manage your claim.

Four of the more common types of catastrophic injuries are:

  • Traumatic brain injury (TBI): Brain injuries are perhaps the most intense of all catastrophic injuries in terms of how they can instantly and permanently change someone’s life entirely. People living with brain injuries may experience unpredictable disabilities, like speech impediments, loss of motor control, and mood swings. After extensive hospitalization to treat a TBI, a patient will often require continued care, which might include day-to-day assistance from an in-home caretaker.
  • Spinal cord injury: A mild spinal cord injury can cause severe pain and a loss of mobility. A severe spine injury can trigger paralysis, though. The higher on the spine the injury occurs, the more widespread the paralysis will be. Living with paralysis often requires significant lifestyle changes, such as relying on a wheelchair.
  • Amputation: The loss of a limb or a portion of a limb is an amputation injury, which is usually permanent. Surgical procedures may be able to lessen the severity of an amputation. Even with successful surgery, though, the hardships caused by an amputation will be significant. Chronic pain may also be a lasting symptom of an amputation injury.
  • Permanent disfigurement: Although permanent disfigurement might not directly cause some form of debilitation or disability, it can still be categorized as a catastrophic injury due to its permanence. People living with permanent and noticeable disfigurements often describe experiencing self-esteem difficulties that can get so severe that they experience anxiety or depression.

Significant Damages, Current & Future

When working on your catastrophic injury claim, it is crucial to consider what will likely happen in the future because of your injuries. A catastrophic injury is not something that resolves quickly and painlessly. It is a complex medical issue that will most likely require treatments for months or years, and it may cause pain and complications throughout that time.

As such, calculating past and current medical bills, lost wages, and other related damages are not enough. In a catastrophic injury claim, we use our 90+ years of legal experience and connections with local medical professionals to accurately predict the hardships and damages you will likely suffer far into the future. Only then can we demand a fair amount of compensation from the liable party or parties.

Examples of future damages to calculate in a severe injury claim:

  • Rehabilitative treatments: Physical therapy sessions could be part of the doctor’s orders for years after you are first treated for your catastrophic injury. Each one of those sessions will come with a price tag, of course. You should not have to continue to pay for necessary therapies for months and months when you were not the one who caused your injury.
  • Lifestyle changes: Catastrophic injuries will usually force the survivor to adapt to new lifestyle changes. Being in a wheelchair will require a wheelchair ramp or stairlift to be installed in your home, for example. It may be possible to secure damages that consider the costs incurred by such lifestyle changes and modifications.
  • Pain and suffering: Noneconomic damages are paid as compensation related to pain, suffering, emotional trauma, and undue hardships. In a catastrophic injury claim, you can consider what you have already experienced and what you are likely to experience in the future as you recuperate from your injuries and adjust to the permanent harm it has caused you. In some cases, noneconomic damages are easily the most significant form of damages.

We Respect Your Time & Wellbeing

When you choose Murray & Murray to act as your legal representatives for your catastrophic injury claim in Sandusky, you will be working with a team of catastrophic injury attorneys who take your situation to heart. Whether your injuries are a result of a car accident, motorcycle accident, or something else, we act as if we are representing ourselves, seeking every available penny of compensation on your behalf. While many claims can be resolved in a settlement, catastrophic injury cases often make it to litigation due to the high value of the damages. As experienced Ohio trial attorneys, we will be ready if the opposition brings your case to court.

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