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Rideshare Accident Claims

Being in a car accident of any sort is a harrowing experience. Being in a rideshare accident – such as a crash that occurs while you are taking an Uber or a Lyft – is also frustratingly complex. Who is liable for the accident and do you have the right to file a claim against them as a rideshare passenger?

To get clear answers to all your questions and reliable legal guidance, come to the Sandusky rideshare accident attorneys of Murray & Murray. We have been around since 1931 to help people throughout Ohio deal with difficult, complex personal injury claims. As ridesharing services have become more popular, we have continually followed liability laws surrounding related accidents, making our team one of the most experienced and reliable in the state.

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Parties Liable for Rideshare Accidents

The first question we need to ask about your Uber or Lyft accident is “Who caused it?” In a rideshare accident, the answer of liability is often unclear at first. It is only through careful investigation from a legal team such as our own that liability can be confidently determined.

Based on our investigations, we might find that these parties are liable for your accident:

  • Your rideshare driver: When an accident is caused by your own rideshare driver, it is possible that their own driver’s insurance policy will cover your damages, depending on the description of their employment and what led to the crash.
  • Another motorist: Negligent drivers on the road that crash into your rideshare driver could also be partially responsible for your damages through their own insurance policy. Ohio has a bodily injury liability coverage minimum of $25,000 per person and $50,000 per accident. If you and your driver were hurt by another motorist, then the policy cap could be divided between the two of you.
  • Other passengers: Ridesharing accidents become increasingly complicated if another passenger contributes to the accident, such as unreasonably distracting the driver. To save money on trip fees, Uber and Lyft allow you to share a ride with strangers who are traveling along the same or a similar route, which could put you at risk of an accident caused by their interference.
  • Ridesharing company: There is also significant and ongoing controversy about a ridesharing company’s responsibilities to help prevent accidents caused by their drivers. The argument has been made that driving for a ridesharing company forces a driver to distract themselves since the app needs to stay open and visible while they drive. Could this inherent distraction place liability on a company like Uber or Lyft, potentially ballooning the value of your claim? A judge’s discretion could be the determining factor.

At Murray & Murray, we are known for never being afraid to push the envelope and take claims that can make new laws. A ridesharing accident claim is a perfect example of our outside-the-box approach to casework. For example, we may be able to argue that the ridesharing company employing or contracting your driver has an inherent responsibility to ensure they are not distracted while driving, and therefore, they have a responsibility to you if an accident occurs. If we make this argument and your case ends in success, then we may be setting the groundwork together for future claimants and plaintiffs in similar situations.

Hurt in an Uber or Lyft? Let Us Know

Ohio has a two-year statute of limitations on all car accidents, including rideshare accidents. Do not wait too long to take action, or any claim you bring forth will be dismissed after the statute of limitations expires. After being in a crash and trying to focus on your recuperation, you might be surprised how quickly 24 months can pass by.

To get your claim moving without handling it hastily, let Murray & Murray in Sandusky work on it for you. Our rideshare accident attorneys are passionate about providing clients in our area with representation capable of collecting every last penny of compensation, even when the opposition is fierce.

Contact us at any time to start your claim. We accept calls on weekends and after hours.

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