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Were you attacked and bitten by a dog owned by a stranger or even a friend? Ohio’s dog bite laws likely allow you to file a claim against that dog’s owner in pursuit of fair compensation. When filing a dog bite claim, the dog’s owner will likely be represented by their homeowner’s insurance company since policies generally mention animal attacks on the property.

While this does mean you will have a greater chance of getting more compensation in a successful claim than compared to filing against an individual and their limited bank accounts, it also means the opposition will be trained legal professionals who do nothing all day but challenge claimants and plaintiffs.

Be ready for anything by letting Murray & Murray represent you. Our Sandusky dog bite injury lawyers are always standing by to take the good fight to insurance companies on behalf of the wrongfully injured, just as our law firm has been for more than 90 years.

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aggressive dog barking over wallWhat Should I Do After a Dog Bite?

Due to the bacteria involved in a dog bite and the infections that can result, it is important to get medical attention following a dog bite.

According to the Ohio Department of Health, there are some of the actions to take to avoid any chance of rabies:

  • Use soap and water or an antiseptic liquid with povidone-iodine to clean the affected area
  • Get a tetanus shot if you have not had one in the last decade
  • Speak with a doctor to determine whether a rabies vaccine should be given

The city of Sandusky requires a 10-day quarantine period after any dog or animal attack. Once in quarantine, a test will be given to determine whether the dog has rabies. You will also want to speak with a dog bite attorney who can help you determine the damages involved and see what your options entail.

Is Ohio a Strict Liability State for Dogs?

Ohio is not a “one bite” state, which generally excuses a dog owner from liability the first time their dog bites someone if there was no reason to suspect the dog would act aggressively. Instead, Ohio allows dog bite claims to be filed on the grounds of “strict liability” or negligence.

In a strict liability case, it is argued that a dog owner must constantly be aware of and in reasonable control of their pet to protect others from harm. If their dog bites, tackles, scratches, or otherwise hurts someone wrongfully, then the owner should expect to be met with a personal injury claim filed against them by the injured party.

What Are the Limitations to a Dog Owner’s Liability?

The basic premise of Ohio’s dog bite statute is that a dog owner is liable for any injury caused by their dog’s behavior, even if the dog was not being outwardly aggressive. For example, a large happy dog like a Saint Bernard might jump up on a visitor to greet them, inadvertently knocking them over and causing an accident.

Even though the dog was being friendly, someone was hurt by their behavior, and the dog owner could be held liable for not controlling their animal. However, there are significant limitations that can come into play when filing a dog bite claim.

Typically, the limitations and exceptions pertain to protecting a dog owner’s right to defend themselves, their family, and their property from criminal acts.

A dog’s aggressive behavior may be excused if they bite or attack someone who was:

  • Committing or trying to commit a crime, especially if that crime involved violence.
  • Trespassing, especially if there is clear intent to commit a crime on the property.
  • Provoking the dog intentionally or trying to hurt it.

What Damages Can You Seek in a Dog Bite Claim?

Medical treatments to alleviate a dog bite can be extensive if the wound is severe. Emergency medical care may be needed to stop the bleeding and perform reconstructive surgery, for example. Hospitalization may be recommended to monitor the patient and ensure no infection develops.

It is important to not overlook the nonphysical harm caused by a dog attack. Many people who have suffered severe dog bites at the jaws of overly aggressive animals understandably become afraid of all dogs, even friendly family pets they have known for years.

The anxiety caused whenever seeing a dog, on a leash or not, should be accounted for in a claim and listed as noneconomic damage. Furthermore, Ohio actually allows dog bite injury plaintiffs to demand punitive damages in some cases. Punitive damages are additional noneconomic damages used to punish the defendant for inexcusable negligence.

For example, if a dog owner allowed their large bullmastiff with a history of aggression to walk around the neighborhood unsupervised and without a leash, then they could likely be ordered to pay punitive damages if that dog bit someone.

Should I Hire a Lawyer for a Dog Bite Case?

Because dog bites are so common, it's important that you consult with a professional dog bite lawyer to determine whether or not you have grounds for pursuing compensation for your injuries. By consulting with a lawyer about your case, and if you choose to hire a lawyer, you increase the likelihood of winning your dog bite claim.

Discuss Your Case with Leading Local Lawyers

You deserve time to rest and recuperate after being bitten by an aggressive and uncontrolled dog. Leave all the casework up to Murray & Murray and our Sandusky dog bite attorneys. We can use our extensive legal experience to pinpoint liability on the correct party and seek full compensation for your injuries.

When our firm accepts a case, we work on it as if we were representing ourselves, which means exploring every possible avenue for a solution, even if we have to challenge and change the law in the process. Interested in our firm? Read our Reviews to see what our clients have to say about working with us.

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