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Business Mediation & Arbitration Attorneys in Sandusky

Are you an Ohio business owner or manager who has ended up embroiled in a business dispute? You certainly know that you need to find a satisfactory solution sooner rather than later. Long and drawn out business disputes may put your business's profitability at risk when too many resources are devoted to resolving a disagreement.

At Murray & Murray in Sandusky, we help craft and broker resolutions to business disputes including:

  • Breach of contract
  • Failure to perform
  • Shareholder disagreements
  • Chamber of Commerce challenges
  • Employment-related disputes
  • Intellectual property disputes

When you allow our business dispute attorneys to act on your behalf, we will handle your case as if we were representing our own business. As a local law firm, we know just how important it is to preserve your business’s reputation and profits however possible during business litigation.

To get more information about business dispute resolution representation, call (419) 664-3711.

Importance of Quick, Effective Solutions

It is not uncommon for a business with a legal complication to try to take steps to correct or resolve a dispute on its own. However, without a knowledgeable lawyer's advice and assistance, actions may be taken that are not in the best interest of the business. Do not make this same mistake when trying to protect your own business.

As experienced business dispute resolution attorneys, we are qualified to advise you on the most advantageous and expedient resolution to your business dispute, including alternative dispute resolutions like mediation, arbitration, or settlement negotiations.

Key details about each form of dispute resolution:

  • Mediation: During mediation, both opposing parties discuss how they want the conflict to be resolved and look for an amicable middle ground with the assistance of a neutral mediator. The mediator’s role is answering legal questions, keeping the mediations moving, and encouraging cooperation. It is not to take sides or try to influence the outcome of the case.
  • Arbitration: During arbitration, a neutral third-party arbitrator acts much like a mediator, except they have the authority to conclude the case how they see fit. In this way, arbitrators are much like judges in a courtroom setting.
  • Settlement negotiations: A more informal but not necessarily less effective form of dispute resolution is a settlement negotiation. During such proceedings, the opposing parties can create their own terms of resolution, absent any court, mediator, or arbitrator.

Entrust Your Business’s Future to Our Law Firm

Rest assured that our Sandusky business dispute lawyers have your business's short-term goals and long-term viability front and center as we help you resolve the dispute that threatens to disrupt your normal business operations and financial stability. We can navigate all possible legal options to reach a solution that works for you and shields your best interests. Contact our firm today to learn more about what to do in your business dispute case.

Client Testimonials

A Reputation of Doing What Is Right & Best by Our Clients

    I admire the skill and professionalism of the Murray family of lawyers.

    - Subodh Chandra

    I wish it was a 6 star ? review!

    - Brad Waynes

    He is there until the end

    - Harvey Elliott

    Very helpful and very knowledgeable

    - Corbin D.

    Extremely Pleased

    - Scott F.

    5 Star Advice

    - Lou F.

    Gold Standard in Response and Communication

    - Brad W.

    Prompt and Professional

    - Karry R.

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