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Expert Legal Assistance for FELA Railroad Injury Claims

Injured railroad workers are eligible to receive benefits for their injuries under the terms of the Federal Employers Liability Act (FELA). Regardless of whether you were hurt while laying ties or working at a desk in an office, FELA covers your injuries. As a result, injured railroad workers are not covered by workers’ compensation. Additionally, injured railroad employees are required to prove their injuries were caused by negligence on the part of their employer before they are eligible to receive benefits under FELA.

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Since the burden of proof rests on injured workers, it’s important to work with an experienced railroad injury law firm like Murray & Murray in Sandusky if you are ever in a railroad accident as a worker. Our experienced attorneys are prepared to investigate your claim by consulting private investigators, interviewing witnesses, and reviewing pertinent company records to expose company negligence.

We represent railroad employees suffering from work-related injuries including:

Before you talk to the railroad company’s lawyers or agree to sign a statement regarding your injuries, contact a Sandusky railroad injury attorney at Murray & Murray first. We offer free consultations to let our inquiring clients learn more about their cases without having to pay anything upfront.

Identifying Employer Negligence in Railroad Injury Cases

Under the terms of FELA, negligence on the part of your employer must be a factor in causing your injuries in order for your railroad injury claim to be legally valid. Typically, negligence involves a violation of a duty of care towards the wellbeing or safety of others. In the case of employers, negligence could include OSHA (Occupational Safety and Health Administration) violations or other safety violations, refusing to remove hazards from the workplace, or demanding employees put themselves at risk to complete a job-related task.

Since each case is different, any number of factors can be involved in employer negligence. That’s why our lawyers investigate accidents, subpoena company records, and consult with medical experts in determining the nature, scope, and cause of our client’s injuries. Our law firm understands the complicated requirements of FELA and how personal injury claims need to be documented and handled under its terms.

We have represented clients in railroad injury cases involving:

  • Burlington Northern
  • Union Pacific
  • Norfolk Southern
  • Ohio Central Railroad
  • Ohio Southern Railroad
  • And even more railroad companies

Comprehensive Support for Property Damage from Railroad Accidents

In addition to physical injuries to a person, train accidents often cause significant property damage. Was your vehicle struck by a train in a railroad collision? Perhaps your farm property or forested land was damaged due to a train derailment.

Our attorneys also represent clients who were financially harmed through no fault of their own and who do not work for a railroad company. Our Sandusky railroad accident attorneys are here to help.

If you suffered property damage as the result of a railroad accident, including derailment, please contact our firm by calling (419) 664-3711 for immediate assistance.

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