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In today's volatile economic conditions, it is essential for investors to be able to trust their stockbrokers to advise and act in their best interests. Unfortunately, it is not uncommon to learn that a stockbroker has placed a client with inappropriate investments. Or, in worse-case scenarios, to discover that a stockbroker intentionally stole money from the investor that hired them.

Contact Murray & Murray to schedule a consultation if you suspect that your stockbroker committed fraud or professional malpractice. We may be able to file a civil claim on your behalf in pursuit of the lost finances as well as additional damages for the harm the defendant caused.

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Stockbroker Fraud Comes in Many Forms

Part of the difficulty with stockbroker fraud is being able to identify it. Many stockbrokers and securities managers do their best to hide their fraudulent actions, concealing the misdeeds in what might look like typical dealings at a cursory glance. As such, your stockbroker could have been defrauding you for much longer than you realize.

By letting our Sandusky stockbroker fraud attorneys handle your case, we can investigate your finances, your stockbroker’s records, and more to look for all signs and instances of fraud. Meanwhile, you can continue to focus on other parts of your life, like the management of your business or time with your family.

Types of stockbroker and securities fraud that we may be able to find include:

  • Inattention to the effects of market fluctuations on your investments
  • Violation of reasonable broker standards such as imposition of excessive fees
  • Churning of your accounts without regard to profitability and soundness of your funds
  • Buying and selling stocks on your behalf with the explicit goal of making commission fees

As it can be seen in some of these examples, not all stockbroker fraud is intentionally malicious. Some cases arise out of professional negligence. Yet that does not lessen the harm or make the fraudulent behavior any less severe.

Ready to Resolve Broker Fraud & Securities Disputes

In addition to stockbroker fraud, our lawyers handle securities fraud mediation and litigation. Examples of securities fraud include drug company and mortgage banking industry abuses. Perhaps most famously, the company Enron became infamous for significant and complex securities fraud.

Since 1931, Murray & Murray in Sandusky, Ohio has represented clients who have suffered serious financial losses at no fault of their own. Our consumer protection and business litigation practices are a centerpiece of our law office. We are prepared to devote the benefit of our experience to pursue the most satisfactory outcome possible if your company has been victimized by stockbroker fraud or a complicated securities dispute.

For an evaluation of any potential stockbroker fraud or securities dispute involving NASD (National Association Of Securities Dealers) standards violations, call (419) 664-3711 or contact us online now.

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