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Murray & Murray is the first name people and business owners in Sandusky, Ohio alike trust to handle intricate insurance fraud malpractice claims. Whether you were defrauded by a dishonest insurance company or a policyholder is trying to trick your insurance company, we can help. Our attorneys have the experience, insight, and skill required to represent clients from both sides of the issue. No matter what, though, we will always act in a way that observes and upholds your best interests.

Why should you count on Murray & Murray for your insurance fraud claim?

  • We first opened our law firm in 1931.
  • We connect clients directly to their attorneys.
  • We can take any case to trial when necessary.
  • We are known for taking cases that change the law.

Perhaps above all else that sets our law firm apart is our hard-working attitude. Great results require great effort, after all, so you will never find a member of our team relaxing when there is work to be done.

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Representation for Policyholders

Many of our insurance fraud cases come from residents of Sandusky who have been cheated or deceived by their insurance provider or insurance broker. When you purchase an insurance policy, you trust that the seller will give you a fair policy and stick to it. Yet there is no guarantee they will stay true to their word, or even sell a licensed and legally-recognized policy.

Examples of insurance policies that may be fraudulent include but are not limited to:

  • Homeowner’s insurance
  • Auto insurance
  • Business insurance
  • Health insurance

With our Sandusky insurance fraud attorneys on the case, we can begin by reviewing your insurance policy for any issues, like clauses that put you at an unfair advantage. The details of your coverage are also crucial if your claim has been denied for invalid reasons.

When we find an issue, we can explore various legal avenues to set things right. It might be possible to correct your situation with a letter of challenge sent to the insurance company, for example. We can prepare for negotiations for a fair settlement. Or we can build your case as if it is destined for the courtroom at the chance your insurance provider will not concede, even if they know that they sold you an unlicensed policy. Remember: We can handle cases for individuals and business owners.

Representation for Insurance Companies

On the other hand, there are many times when an insurance company is confronted with the issue of a dishonest policyholder. By falsifying information on insurance claims, a policyholder may try to unwarranted collect coverage payouts. Even industry professionals can take steps to defraud insurance providers. For example, a medical provider could exaggerate their patient’s conditions and file for healthcare coverage at an inflated, unnecessary amount.

Our Sandusky insurance fraud law firm has also represented parties who had been defrauded due to bid-rigging, such as for repair contracts, or another form of malpractice. In all of these situations and more, the truth remains that you can call on our attorneys to pursue a positive outcome on your behalf that resolves the situation, preserves your company’s reputation, and collects any available damages owed to you.

Simplified Representation for Complex Insurance Fraud Cases

You have enough going on in your day-to-day life and business to worry about managing an insurance fraud claim. Leave it up to Murray & Murray in Sandusky instead. We are committed to providing representation that meets our high standards and exceeds your expectations, whether you are a policyholder or insurance company owner. Everyone deserves great legal counsel, and we proudly deliver.

Talk to our insurance fraud malpractice lawyers about what is going on today.

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    I admire the skill and professionalism of the Murray family of lawyers.

    - Subodh Chandra

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    He is there until the end

    - Harvey Elliott

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    - Corbin D.

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    - Karry R.

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