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Were you riding your bicycle around Sandusky when you were hit by a negligent motorist? You deserve honest and reliable representation from a personal injury lawyer backed by years of legal experience to set things right. At Murray & Murray, we show our support to bicyclists in our community by offering reputable legal representation without any added stress.

Where other law firms might try a hands-off approach that actually relies on their own clients doing most of the work, we see things differently at Murray & Murray. We want you to be able to focus on your health and recovery while we handle the legal work on your behalf. Our lawyers have close connections throughout Sandusky and beyond that let us quickly get to work on new claims, uncover sources of liability, calculate all damages, and more.

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Severe Injuries in Bicycle Accident Cases

Bicyclists are vulnerable to severe injuries in an accident due to their general lack of protective gear. Even while wearing a helmet and padding, a bicyclist may suffer a catastrophic injury in a low-speed collision with a larger vehicle. The result is that most bicycle accident claims involve severe injuries with high total damages.

Examples of catastrophic injuries suffered in a bicycle accident are:

After any bicycle accident, be sure to see your medical provider as soon as you can. You might feel relatively fine at the moment, but you could have serious underlying injuries and not yet know it. A doctor’s checkup shortly after a crash can identify issues early while also reducing your liability. When insurance companies review your injuries later, a doctor’s notes made the same day are extremely valuable to validate your claim.

Calculating Future Damages to Keep You Rested

If you suffer severe injuries in a bicycle accident, then it is safe to assume that the damages you experience will be steep. Initially, you may need to pay for emergency medical treatments, surgeries, and hospitalization. You will also lose finances by missing work due to the debilities caused by your injuries.

While it is clearly important to calculate and pursue these damages, our Sandusky bicycle accident lawyers also understand the importance of looking towards the future. You may need years of physical therapy to regain mobility, for example. You may also lose employment opportunities that would have increased your annual wages. In the end, the damages you have not yet experienced could be far more significant than what you have already. It will be our duty as your legal representatives to foresee future damages and demand compensation from the liable party that includes them.

How to Prove Liability in Your Bicycle Injury Claim

In order to maximize the amount of compensation you can collect through a successful claim, we need to minimize your own liability. The simplest way to do that is by increasing the liability of the motorist or pedestrian that caused your bicycle accident. We will want to get the opportunity to review as much evidence as possible to confidently establish liability.

In a bicycle accident claim, the following types of evidence often prove useful:

  • Testimonies from any witnesses to the crash
  • Reports from first responders
  • Medical records that describe your injuries
  • Footage from your helmet cam if you had one

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At Murray & Murray, we have been making the pursuit of fair compensation after a bicycle accident simpler for the people of Sandusky since we first opened our doors in 1931. Dealing with insurance companies, investigating claims, litigating cases in court, and even working to change Ohio state law to benefit injury claimants are all part of our typical routines here. If your case is complex, high stakes, or simply too much for you to handle on your own, then lean on us for all the legal support and guidance you need.

Feel free to call our firm at (419) 664-3711 the moment you need the help of our bicycle accident lawyers in Sandusky.

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