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Representation for the Injured & Defrauded

Whether you entrust your situation, money, or wellbeing to a professional within a specific field, you do so with the assurance that they have the training, experience, and skill to adequately handle your situation. Whether that professional is assisting with an investment, a medical operation, or even legal work, they owe it to you to do their best. However, when their negligence, carelessness, or mistakes result in an injury either to your person, finances, or situation, you need legal assistance that you can trust to set things right.

At Murray & Murray in Sandusky, our malpractice attorneys are known for providing effective representation built on a tradition that spans nearly a century. No matter what sort of malpractice has damaged your wellbeing, finances, or career, we can represent you in and out of court. Our primary focus on malpractice cases covers accounting, insurance, legal, medical, and stockbroker malpractice or fraud.

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Our Victories 

Breaking the Boundaries of Law for Our Clients
  • Bad Faith Insurance $34 Million

    Murray & Murray won a class action that resulted in more than they originally sought for their client.

  • Toxic Torts and Environmental Pollution $30 Million

    Murray & Murray completed an environmental litigation case on behalf of a class that started in 1983.

  • Serious Personal Injury $17.75 Million

    Murray & Murray recovered in Oklahoma City on a jury verdict in the Federal District Court.

Types of Malpractice Cases


You trust your accountant to responsibly manage your finances, not misuse or steal them. If your accountant has forgotten their fiduciary duty to you, then legal action can make them remember it and recover your lost finances.

Insurance Fraud:

Have you or your business lost finances due to insurance fraud? Murray & Murray can help. We represent policyholders who have been sold unfair or illegitimate insurance policies, as well as insurance companies who need to challenge fraudulent claims filed by dishonest policyholders.

Legal Malpractice:

Before you came to Murray & Murray, did you try to get another law firm’s help with a legal matter, only to have them neglect your case, miss statutes of limitations, or even act against your best interests in court? You should now consider filing a legal malpractice claim.

Medical Malpractice:

When a medical professional’s negligence harms a patient or fails to prevent their condition from worsening, it may constitute medical malpractice. The legalities surrounding medical malpractice claims are notoriously complex, so be sure to only advance your case with trusted legal guidance.

Stockbroker Fraud:

Investors trust their stockbrokers to manage their stocks in a way that maximizes profits. It could constitute fraud if your stockbroker was egregiously negligent in the handling of your stocks and made you experience significant financial losses. Our law firm also assists with securities fraud mediation and litigation.

Experienced Legal Advocates

Our team works hard to ensure our clients get more than they expect and all that they deserve. We will fight for an optimal outcome for your case, even if that means challenging legal boundaries and caselaw.

Client Testimonials

A Reputation of Doing What Is Right & Best by Our Clients

    I admire the skill and professionalism of the Murray family of lawyers.

    - Subodh Chandra

    I wish it was a 6 star ? review!

    - Brad Waynes

    He is there until the end

    - Harvey Elliott

    Very helpful and very knowledgeable

    - Corbin D.

    Extremely Pleased

    - Scott F.

    5 Star Advice

    - Lou F.

    Gold Standard in Response and Communication

    - Brad W.

    Prompt and Professional

    - Karry R.

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