Civil Rights Violations

Sandusky Civil Rights Lawyers

Excessive Force, False Arrests & Other Violations

Did an on-duty and in-uniform police officer use excessive force while arresting you or a family member? Were you arrested under no legal pretense? Have law enforcement officers threatened you to try to get you to move, close your business, or even provoke you into violence?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, your constitutional rights have been violated – and you need to seek legal recourse to set things right. Murray & Murray proudly offers our legal representation to men and women from all walks of life who have been abused by the police and other government officials.

Our civil rights violation attorneys in Sandusky take every case to heart because we know we are not just representing you, but we are also fighting for the rights of people like you throughout Ohio and the United States. The outcome of your case could change the law nationwide, and we never back down when so much is on the line.

Civil Rights Cases & Resolutions

When your constitutionally protected rights are violated, 42 U.S.C. Section 1983 allows you to use civil action in demand of justice and fair recompense. Some of these cases involve the misuse of power by government officials, agents, and employees while on duty and acting within the scope of their employment but not in accordance with the law. Most civil rights violation cases that our law firm handles involve brutality, abuse, and privacy violations carried out by police officers, though.

The outcome of a successful civil rights violation case can include:

  • Restitutions paid for your needless hardship
  • Compensation paid for related damages, like lost wages or medical bills
  • Termination of defendant or removal from their agency
  • Updates to the law to prevent similar occurrences in the future

Murray & Murray is known as a law firm willing to take cases to trial and fight for new laws when needed. Our Sandusky civil rights attorneys are adamant about what is doing whatever is best for the American people, and we believe this shows in everything we do for our clients.

Speak with our trial attorneys about your civil rights violation case or concerns by dialing (419) 664-3711 now.

Our Victories 

Breaking the Boundaries of Law for Our Clients
  • Bad Faith Insurance $34 Million

    Murray & Murray won a class action that resulted in more than they originally sought for their client.

  • Toxic Torts and Environmental Pollution $30 Million

    Murray & Murray completed an environmental litigation case on behalf of a class that started in 1983.

  • Serious Personal Injury $17.75 Million

    Murray & Murray recovered in Oklahoma City on a jury verdict in the Federal District Court.

Client Testimonials

A Reputation of Doing What Is Right & Best by Our Clients

    I admire the skill and professionalism of the Murray family of lawyers.

    - Subodh Chandra

    I wish it was a 6 star ? review!

    - Brad Waynes

    He is there until the end

    - Harvey Elliott

    Very helpful and very knowledgeable

    - Corbin D.

    Extremely Pleased

    - Scott F.

    5 Star Advice

    - Lou F.

    Gold Standard in Response and Communication

    - Brad W.

    Prompt and Professional

    - Karry R.

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