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Did Another Law Firm Mishandle Your Case?

As highly experienced and reputable trial attorneys, our team here at Murray & Murray in Sandusky fully understands the importance of providing our clients responsible and responsive representation for all cases. Unfortunately, some other law firms struggle with this principle and egregious neglect, mishandle, or misrepresent their client’s cases. In the worst situations, a law firm’s mistakes can defeat their own client’s chances of success, especially when a statute of limitations to file a claim is missed.

If you had worked with another law firm for a separate legal concern and they mishandled your case, come to Murray & Murray to see what a truly experienced team can do. As your legal malpractice attorneys, we can help you explore your options in pursuit of justice and compensation. Thanks to our close connections with local law firms, we can handle your claim with tact and care in hopes to avoid furthered conflicts.

Call (419) 664-3711 at any time. When you do, an attorney from Murray & Murray will take your call.

Forms of Legal Malpractice

Legal cases are highly sensitive in both terms of the content matter and the laws and regulations surrounding them. When a lawyer does not act meticulously and carefully, they can completely fumble a case, putting their clients at an unfair disadvantage and possibly causing their case to be dismissed.

Three issues that may arise in a legal malpractice claim are:

  • Expired statutes of limitations: Easily the most common type of legal malpractice occurs when an attorney fails to take action before a state or federal statute of limitation expires. For example, personal injury claims in Ohio must be filed within two years of the date the injury occurred or became noticeable. If your injury attorney promised to file your claim on your behalf but missed the statute of limitations, then your claim will be unusable, and you will not be able to pursue compensation from the party that caused your accident. Statutes of limitations apply to a variety of cases and legal requirements, though. Missing just one can unravel your case entirely.
  • Egregious negligence or misrepresentation: In some cases, legal malpractice is the result of inexcusable negligence of a legal professional, such as losing evidence, misunderstanding the law that applies to your case, etc. You also might have a legal malpractice case on your hands if your previous attorney lied about their qualifications before you accepted their help. For example, you hire a private DUI defense lawyer because they told you that they had a long history of handling DUI cases in Ohio. When they lose your case, you conduct further research and discover that no criminal court in Ohio or any other state has records of your lawyer acting in the defense of a DUI client. Such misrepresentation could constitute legal malpractice, especially since it appears that the outcome of your case was directly and negatively impacted by it.
  • Intentional wrongdoing: Lastly and in rare cases, some lawyers and law firms may be tempted to intentionally mishandle or lose your case, perhaps by undue influence from the opposition. A legal malpractice case involving intentional wrongdoing is a highly sensitive matter that should be brought to the attention of our attorneys at once.

Can You Collect Damages in a Legal Malpractice Case?

The outcome of a successful legal malpractice case should provide some relief to the plaintiff. Oftentimes, the relief comes in the form of financial damages.

You could be reimbursed for all attorney fees you paid to your previous attorney who mishandled your case. If you have missed out on potential compensation due to a lawyer’s egregious negligence, then you might be able to demand the same amount from them instead. For example, if you were seeking $25,000 in a car accident claim but your lawyer missed the filing deadline and the statute of limitations expired, then you could sue them for $25,000 plus noneconomic damages for your unnecessary hardships.

Finally, A Law Firm You Can Trust

After your first legal case was mishandled due to malpractice, you need to know that you can really trust the next law firm you call. At Murray & Murray in Sandusky, our legal malpractice attorneys understand that we need to earn your trust each and every day we act as your legal representatives, not just when you first call us. We will keep you up-to-speed with all the important developments, so you never feel uninformed or forgotten. This dedication to client satisfaction has been a staple of our law firm since 1931, and we have no intention of changing our tried-and-true ways now.

Discover your rights after legal malpractice hurt your finances or wellbeing. Call (419) 664-3711 today.

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