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Multinational corporations and chain stores don't always make executive decisions in the best interests of their customers.  Too often, big companies assume that because they have money, a name, and lobbyists walking the halls of Congress, they don't have to answer to anybody.  At the law office of Murray & Murray Co., L.P.A. we represent victims of false advertising, bait and switch tactics, predatory lending, over billing, and other practices on the part of companies that take advantage of consumers.  We are prepared to subpoena company records, demand an audit of finances, and conduct our own investigation into suspicious activity and consumer fraud.
If you've fought with customer service and gotten nowhere, let us do the talking for you -- contact a consumer protection attorney at Murray & Murray today.

We represent consumers in regard to the following consumer protection issues including: deceptive mortgage broker practices, mail order fraud, refusal to honor valid warranty, credit report problems, bad faith insurance practices, home contractor / subcontractor disputes, lemon law, identity theft, cell phones, telephone land lines, ERISA, ground water contamination, nursing homes, automobile failures and defects, life insurance disputes, investments, consumer fraud and banking violations.

I can't get anywhere with my complaint -- What Should I Do?

If a retailer, contractor, insurance company, or company won't honor the terms of a sale or service agreement, going to court may be your only option.  In certain instances, especially in the financial industry, companies have managed to influence legislation through years of lobbying efforts, changing laws that put consumers at a disadvantage in many ways.  In order to determine whether you have a case and what options are available to you, our consumer protection attorneys will evaluate what laws apply and what you can do to recover your losses.

Do I Have to Go to Court?

In many instances, the law requires those guilty of fraud or deceptive practices to pay attorneys' fees in decisions against them.  Additionally, no company wants bad publicity.  As a result, it's not unusual for companies to settle a dispute in order to avoid going to court. At Murray & Murray Co., L.P.A., we prepare each case for litigation in order to leverage our client's case. When we enter the negotiating room, the other side understands we are prepared to expose their dishonest, shameful practices to the light of day.  That's why we can often settle a case without going to trial.

We understand what needs to be done to assert consumers’ rights against corporations and companies who don’t think they have to answer to the law.  To schedule a free appointment to discuss your case, contact Murray & Murray today.

Credit Reporting, Debt Collection and Lending

Annoying debt collectors may be more than an inconvenience.  They may be breaking the law with their aggressive tactics.  The Sandusky, Ohio, law firm of Murray & Murray welcomes the opportunity to review the facts in your situation to determine if you may be the victim of one or more of the following:

  • Violations of Truth in Lending Act (TILA)
  • Violations of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA)
  • Violations of the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA)
  • Violations of the Fair Credit Billing Act (FCBA)

Debt collectors have very specific rules to follow when attempting to collect on consumer debts.  They must announce at the beginning of a call or in any written correspondence that they are attempting to collect a debt.  If they call you, they must call between the hours of 8 a.m. and 9 p.m., local time.  If you ask for validation of the debt, they must provide documentation showing that you owe the amounts claimed.  If you ask in writing for a debt collection agency to stop contacting you, they must do so, with certain exceptions.

Many debt collection agencies have little regard for the law and see fit to break the law in order to collect on debts.  When these companies do break the law, it is necessary for consumer protection lawyers to take them to task.

The consumer protection lawyers at Murray & Murray represent clients who have been victims of credit and debt violations.  Violators are liable for attorneys’ fees, as well as any statutory damages.  Call or e-mail our law firm if you believe you are being unfairly hounded or harassed by debt collectors.

Product Liability

You have purchased a new appliance for your kitchen, a toy for your child, or a new car.  There is a pride that comes with making an important purchase - you like to feel that your hard work and saving has paid off - you feel prosperous.  When you pay for a product, however, you want the assurance not only that it will work for a long time - that you'll get your money's worth - but that it will work properly and safely.

Yet mistakes in manufacturing and design do occur and what may initially have seemed like a reliable product can malfunction or break resulting in injury to yourself or others.  At the law office of Murray & Murray, our product liability attorneys can help you get the compensation you deserve.  If you or your loved ones have been injured in a product liability related accident, contact our product liability attorneys today.

Home Appliances

Perhaps you have not been injured by a malfunctioning appliance such as a toaster or oven, but have had difficulty getting the parts, service, or replacement for your faulty piece of equipment.  At Murray & Murray Co., L.P.A., we can help ensure that your warranty is honored and that the items you buy to convenience your life don't become a hindrance.

Pharmaceutical and Medical Products Liability

When products that are supposed to heal or improve the quality of our health become injurious or fatal, you need attorneys who will not only provide strong advocacy, but also listen to your concerns and goals.  Our attorneys can assist you with a variety of product liability issues ranging from those involving prescription drugs to implants and hip replacement components.


You imagine that the toys you buy for your children are harmless and that they are made carefully, keeping in mind the safety of the children who will play with them.  Yet sometimes this is not the case.  If your child has been seriously injured by a malfunctioning toy, has consumed a harmful product, or choked on a part of a toy that seemed to break too easily, contact our family of attorneys - we have children of our own and understand your fears and concerns.

Other Products Liability Issues

Our firm has successfully represented clients in cases related to broken products such as cell phone antennas, and larger faulty equipment such as malfunctioning car components - tire blow outs, airbag deployment, crushed roofs, and sudden car acceleration.  We believe in helping you recover physically and financially when you have been injured by a product.

The products liability attorneys at Murray & Murray are skilled negotiators and trial lawyers with the experience needed to protect your interests in negotiations, arbitration, and mediation, as well as in state and federal courts.  Whether you need a tire blow out accident attorney, dangerous medical device lawyer, or any other type of products liability attorney, we can help.


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