Murray & Murray | 4th Generation Business

Did you know that Murray & Murray Co., LPA is in its’ 4th generation?

Murray & Murray was founded in 1931 by Emmett and Thomas Murray. Today there are 10 attorneys, including seven Murray partners. In late 2021, we welcomed the first Fourth Generation Murray as a partner.

The longevity of family businesses have fascinating statistics. According to an article from, the average lifespan of a family-owned business is 24 years. In the U.S. approximately 40 percent of family businesses become second generation businesses and about 13 percent become third generation business. Only 3 percent of family-owned businesses make it to the forth generation business or beyond (

At Murray & Murray we are proud to reach such an accomplishment, and, in 2022, we are in our 92nd year in business. Each generation has built off one another and have both grown and adapted to advocate for our clients to provide the best possible legal assistance available. If you ever need to speak with a lawyer about your injury, please call us at 419-624-3000.