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As an area of practice, commercial litigation can and does involve almost any and every type of dispute—as long as it’s one that occurs in the context of conducting business.

Such cases can involve business-to-business disputes or an issue with a government agency. The proceedings can play out in either state or federal court if a case goes to trial, or the dispute can be resolved in either private arbitration or during an administrative hearing. Our commercial litigators have a wealth of experience in dealing with varied situations within all such venues. Commercial litigation typically involves significant accounting and banking issues.


Types of Commercial Litigation

  • breach of contract cases

  • breach of fiduciary duty allegations

  • business torts

  • class actions

  • partnership/joint venture disputes

  • shareholder issues

  • trade secrets, unfair competition & non-compete

  • legal malpractice


Commercial litigation can be a fairly complicated area of practice, and there are many facets to consider. We’ve found that there are a number of points which commonly come up in regards to such disputes, and they are worth addressing:


Commercial Litigation vs. Corporate Litigation

It’s important to recognize the difference between commercial and corporate litigation, and why you should choose a firm that’s experienced in handling your dispute. Put simply, corporate litigation is usually contained to the activities of the corporation itself; corporate tax compliance, real estate issues and shareholder disputes are just some of the areas covered by this area of practice. Commercial litigation involves the rights, relations and conduct of the business (or individuals working for the business) while engaged in commerce, trade and/or sales.


How Does Commercial Litigation Differ from Traditional Civil Litigation?

In a way, commercial litigation is similar to other legal processes you might be familiar with; you must first retain an experienced attorney who will gather facts and research all applicable laws, you will file a suit and could attempt to negotiate a settlement before possibly trying the case before a judge or jury.

Where commercial litigation differs is primarily in the fact that the disputes involve businesses rather than individuals. Additionally, commercial cases are often highly complex and require specialized knowledge and extensive experience—examples being legal or accounting malpractice or a class action suit. The time involved with commercial litigation can differ as well, as several of the phases during the litigation process can continue for longer periods of time than most civil actions—requiring that you retain a lawyer that truly understands all the inner workings of commercial litigation.


When Should You Resort to Alternative Dispute Resolution?

In the United States the number of commercial disputes rose dramatically in the 1950s and 1960s as corporations and “corporate culture” came into its own, basically becoming the benchmark for how to do business in America. With this exponential growth has come the need for alternative forms of dispute resolution, especially for when proceeding to trial isn’t feasible or practical.

In fact, arbitration and mediation are often preferred mechanisms for dispute resolution in today’s commercial environment—sometimes it is simply the best way to assert and resolve contractual or legal requirement issues either domestically—on both the state and federal level—or internationally between businesses. Note that such situations still require a high degree of knowledge and skilled advocacy, making Murray & Murray and excellent choice for representation.

Above all, our commercial litigators are able to assess the merits of a dispute and develop a comprehensive litigation strategy that aligns with your specific legal and business objectives in mind—all while striving to achieve the best possible result at a reasonable cost.  If your business finds itself in the midst of such a legal matter, your best course of action is to contact a law firm such as Murray & Murray; one that has the practical management skills, strong leadership, deep experience and personal commitment to ensure you succeed in whatever challenges are faced by your business.

For an evaluation of your particular situation, call the firm today to schedule a free consultation at (419) 624-3000.



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