Sudden Unintended Acceleration

Murray & Murray Lawyers Bringing Sudden Acceleration Lawsuits

What is sudden acceleration?  It is, by definition, both sudden and accelerating.  It is not gradual and it does not involve vehicles in which the accelerator is stuck at one speed.

Sudden acceleration can occur in two scenarios.  In the first scenario, the vehicle is parked.  The driver shifts the vehicle gear from park to reverse or drive and the vehicle suddenly accelerates.  This acceleration after gear engagement involves an open throttle.

The second scenario involves acceleration from speed.  In this scenario, the vehicle is on the road already and the vehicle surges, gaining speed.  The throttle in this instance appears to become stuck open.

There are three common facts to both scenarios.  First, the scenario necessarily involves sudden unintended acceleration.  Second, the driver is unable to brake effectively.  Third, in many instances, the driver experiences a loss of steering control.  When a vehicle is being driven at slow speed, power steering allows a wide range of steering wheel rotation.  When a vehicle is being driven at a high speed, the vehicle has little range of rotation to avoid over-correction.  When a vehicle suddenly accelerates, the speed sensors in the vehicle interfere with hydraulic steering.  The vehicle may perceive that it is traveling at a high speed and allow less play in the steering mechanism.

If you experienced sudden acceleration in a Toyota or a Lexus and have been injured as a result, contact Murray & Murray Co., L.P.A. today.

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