Ohio Intentional Tort / Workplace Injuries

Were you injured in your workplace because your employer removed a safety guard on a piece of machinery?  Perhaps you lost a family member due to a workplace accident involving missing safety equipment.  If the employer intentionally removed a safety guard despite knowing that an injury or death was likely to occur without it, they may have committed a tortious act.

Did you suffer an illness due to exposure to harmful chemicals in your workplace?  Perhaps you lost a family member due to toxic chemical exposure in the workplace.  If the employer was aware of the potential for toxic chemicals in the workplace to cause harm, but mislead employees about the dangers, they may have committed a tortious act for which you may be able to recover.

The attorneys at Murray & Murray represent clients who have been harmed physically through no fault of their own.  If you believe that the intentional actions of an employer have caused you harm, contact the attorneys of Murray & Murray for a free consultation at (419) 624-3000.


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