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man calling 911 after car crashIf you have been in a car accident that was not your fault, it is important that you understand and utilize your legal options to pursue compensation. Murray & Murray is the legal team that the people of Toledo trust with their difficult cases, claims, and lawsuits. We have the experience needed to challenge auto insurance companies, big and small. If an insurer doesn’t want to honor your claim, then it better be ready to fight with our firm.

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Why Won’t an Insurance Company Honor Your Claim?

Auto insurance companies are supposed to be there to pay for damages after an accident. The entire point of buying insurance is so that you don’t have to worry about your finances while recovering. Why is it, then, that so many insurance companies have a negative reputation for failing to honor claims wherever possible.

The truth is that insurance companies are businesses that need to make money like any other company. To maximize their profits, they need to pay as few claims out each quarter as possible, so they will look for any reason to deny, delay, or devalue a claim. You are even more likely to encounter insurance company resistance if your claim is expensive, as in your suffered severe injuries or your vehicle was totaled.

Evidence That Helps with a Claim

To get the compensation you deserve from an auto insurance company, you might have to push back with convincing evidence of liability. Of course, you don’t have to worry yourself with these details if you let our car accident attorneys in Toledo represent you. We know where to look to get good documents and proof that shows the other driver caused your crash and, therefore, should be liable for your damages.

We might be able to use the following evidence to build your claim:

  • Testimonies from eyewitnesses
  • Reports from police officers
  • Statements from the other driver
  • Footage from your dashcam

Total Value of Your Car Accident Damages

The end goal of your car accident claim is to get you the most compensation available. With enough money provided by the liable party, you can start to put your life back together without stressing yourself out. But what is your car accident claim worth? The total value will be the worth of your economic damages and non-economic damages, which we can help you calculate.

Damages in a car accident claim include:

  • Economic: An economic damage relates to tangible costs and losses. Medical bills and lost wages are the two most common forms of economic damage.
  • Non-economic: A non-economic damage relates to more abstract harm and losses. Pain, suffering, and permanent disability are common types of non-economic damage.

We want to make sure that you get a fair amount of compensation for your claim. A settlement might be possible to reach if the insurance company is reasonable about what is owed to you. If not, we can take them to court to fight for an award granted by a judge or jury.

We Are Ready to Help You with Your Case

You can contact our Toledo car accident lawyers the moment you need help. We recommend you call us within a few hours of your crash. The sooner we can get to work on your case and start investigating everything, the better chances we will have to find and use evidence of liability. We are known for our prompt communication with our clients, so don’t hesitate to call (419) 664-3711 at any time.

You can fill out an online contact form to reach us if you prefer.

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    I am very satisfied with the results and once again he did a wonderful job taking care of my case.

    - Jonathan P.

    Character, Care & Professional

    - Jim M

    They treated us like family and always called to keep us up to date and see how we were doing.

    - Keith W.

    He provided me with all the information I needed to make the right decisions.

    - Brandon B.

    I would always trust Murray and Murray to represent me or the ones I love.

    - Carl W.

    Whenever I’m in a situation or know someone who needs legal advice, I call on Murray and Murray.

    - Vic R.

    I am so grateful for their steadfast dedication to my case.

    - Dick B.

    Highly ehtical and honest!

    - John C.

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